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This Floral Embroidery Denim Jacket is simple yet unique as it has embroidery at the front of the chest and also at the back of the shoulder of the jacket. The embroidery spiced up this simple jacket. It is versatile too. 


The most basic of them all, the blue jean jacket is every woman’s best friend. It’s versatility is unmatched and it’s so easy to wear it with so many outfits! Time and again, season after season, year after year, the denim jacket has proved to be it always stays in trend and always effortlessly stylish -invest in this denim jacket, it’s a great steal!


A white denim jacket is a great piece to have in every lady’s wardrobe - not only does it brighten up the whole OOTD, it is also extremely versatile and pairs well with almost anything! Made in a slightly loose fit, you need not worry about it being overly body hugging nor too overly sized. Pair it with anything you want, and take your entire look up a...


We are bringing back suede this season but this time in a really chic blazer! Style yourself and stand out from the crowd in this polished, flowy detailed blazer. The waist area is also made curved in with thought, providing you with the desired curve to the waist for an overall alluring, feminine vibe. It is pillow-soft to the touch and would definitely...


Featuring an asymmetrical front pleat detail right below the collar, this blouse gives off a professional look without looking overly boring. Soft to the touch and of a perfect thickness, this blouse is perfect for the weather. Universally pleasing to the eye and versatile for everyday looks.


A sleek, classic long vest made with premium linen fabric. A highly versatile piece, simply style this with any outfit for that trendy, layered look with minimal effort! Made perfect for our hot and humid weather, this baby is sure to keep you cool and comfortable with its linen fabric! Comes in multiple colors for all the days you want to wear it. 

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items