Coiled Beauty


A combination of multiple waxed thread, fixed with metallic cube, very much like a circuit, stainless steel coiling around, forming a consistent and neat pattern, elegant and artistic.

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Go wild with this multi-layered necklace that is made from a combination of different beads style, chained with popcorn chain and wax thread.


Comes with simple curb chain necklace, the pendants comes with a rugged, matte finish which adds a touch of raw metallic beauty.

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Multi-layered statement collar necklace that made of multiple wax ropes and single silver metal mesh chain, completed with a shiny silver metal piece.


Clever combination of wax thread, metal mesh chain and ropes, gave this statement piece a rugged, edgy look. Silver textured metal piece only added to its distinctive style.


Metallic large textured starfish pendant chained with a simple rubber tube necklace.


Smooth finishing S-shaped silver pendant that is timeless and simple and comes with multi-layered wax strings. Goes well with any outfit.


Intertwined, black-plated square rings Necklace with a touch of sparkes. Elegance and easy matching with any night dresses


This bohemian darling is one of our best seller! Charmed with different pendants and beads to create the bohemian look. Wear it with beach wear or linens and cotton!