About Us

Founded in 2004 by a team of creative idealists, Echo is now a renowned fashion chain with retail presence in uptown and suburban malls around Singapore.

Echo is the perfect juxtaposition of high fashion and excellent quality standards. Echo’s exquisite in-house designs and bespoke cuts caters designs tailored for Asian women of all shapes and sizes. As a contemporary and timeless female apparel brand, Echo seeks to bring out every individual’s personality and charisma, empowering women at all ages.

The selection of finest fabrics and haberdashery combined with strict quality control and fitting tests ensures that every piece at Echo is crafted to perfection. Our dedicated styling professionals are also equipped with personalized advice and trending tips, ready to extend service excellence in our retail outlets.

With continuous deep interest in fashion, fabrics and designs, Echo strives to be the leading female apparel company in Southeast Asia.