th;us represents a continuation, together with us.

Life’s a journey with ups & down, pauses & plays.
Inspired by both the word thus and a semicolon along with every little thing in our everyday lives like your favourite quirk and jingle, th;us focuses on taking the next step of this journey with you, together with us.

Women are leaders in every way you look – from a leading CEO to housewives leading the family, women are powerful in every aspect of their lives. Layering on polished ease and modern chic looks as feminine armours on this route to self discovery, let th:us empower you and together we will stand a little taller & shine a lot brighter. 

We believe that clothes are personal and uninhibited. We create unique prints and select hues that’s inspired by our environment, the smell of rain, the natural palette of our skies, all reflecting our daily lives. The marriage of versatility, modern detailing with the finest fabrics, dive into a wardrobe that is suitable for all facets of life and discover collections that are timeless and made to last beyond seasons.

Affliation to Echo

th;us is the younger sister brand from Echo of Nature, a promise stamp, ensuring that high quality standards are met through the selection of finest fabrics, crafted to perfection with strict quality control and fitting tests. Our dedicated styling professionals also provide personalised  advice and current trend fashion tips.

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